Installed Solar PV and Thermal Data with Property and System Details

July 6, 2017

Installed Solar PV and Thermal Data

MSN not only delivers data but also works with 3rd party appending companies enabling it to cross reference its data to produce the perfect demographic profile for your ideal data set. We have experience in the homeowner sector, supplying literally hundreds of thousands of leads into the energy sector:

One such data set is the solar installations data set, this data set had been created through a combination of geo-spatial surveys and canvassing. it offers you the ability to know whether an individual has had solar panels installed. The information is created and cross verified both through reference tools and telephone validation.

Seacrh Criteria can includes:

  • The size of the system,
  • Estimated year of installation,
  • Type of Solar, PV or Thermal
  • We can tell you the type of property (i.e. semidetached or detached etc.)
  • Value of property
  • Rental or Homeowner
  • Consumers have suggested they would be interested in solar relevant products, such as batteries, maintenance and solar.

Due to the detail and depth of the data, the solar database allows us to understand where a consumer had moved after implementing solar and therefore someone has inherited the solar panels on their roof and may not have the knowledge on how to maximise its benefits.

All of this makes this one of the most effective solar databases in the UK and with over 700,000 unique properties to select from; we are convinced that if this is your domain then this will meet with your approval. In order to make this even more enticing, we have put together some package rates that allows everyone to utilise the data at a rate that works.

We aim to increase your productivity and conversions,

Our prices are competitive and what’s more our data is supplied with all the key information as standard.

I have attached our special introductory offer for your perusal. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Extract any

  • 1000 records for £350
  • 5,000 record for £1499
  • 10,000 records for £1999
  • 20,000 records for £2999
  • 50,000 records for £4999

Please contact me on 03300880509 or

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