Recent Home Movers File Released

May 10, 2017

Recent Home Movers File released to the Market.

MSN are proud to launch the Recent Home Movers file. The MSN home movers file is a unique data source which offers marketer’s the opportunity to reach new prospects at the right time. The MSN Recent home movers file contains details of house sales across the UK with EPC recommended home improvements.

A house purchase is a key life event and with new home buyers spending more in the first 6 months than they do in the following 5 years it’s the perfect opportunity for a business to reach the new homeowner and be the first name through the door.

In the first year alone UK homebuyers spend an incredible £10bn on home improvements and In addition to home improvements 65% of the home movers switch utility providers making them amongst the most switched audience in the UK.

This file brings together valuable pieces of data to give companies the opportunity to reach consumers during major life events that cause then to spend money.

1 in 5 install new bathrooms, 1 in 5 install new kitchens, over 50% transfer bedrooms and livings rooms. For full details on what recent home buyers spend and where download a copy of our recent buyers guide.

Our home mover’s information pack provides full details of what home movers purchase within the first 12 months compared to the average home owner. To get a copy emailed to you please click here or call 0330-088-0509.

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