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Home Index File


Money Saving Network have amalgamated a wealth of housing information to create the House Index file. A single file of data that can answer almost any question you may have when targeting consumers at home.

  • Looking for data to target consumers using Oil to heat their homes? We have it!
  • Looking for data to target consumer using LPG? We have it!
  • Looking for data to target homes with solar installs? We have that too!
  • The list goes on and includes things like:
    • Property Type (Bungalow, Flat etc)
    • Build Form (Detached, Mid-Terrace etc)
    • Main Fuel Type
    • Boiler Efficiency
    • Wall Construction o Roof Type
    • Property efficiency rating
    • Type of main heating
    • Level of Insulation
    • Renewables installed
    • etc


We can help you target Solar


We can help you target LPG

The list of criteria that we can offer you is wide ranging and substantial.


Opted-In Data

The Home Index file isn’t just about giving you a wide selection of great data helping you target your campaign, it’s about resolving the current challenge facing most of the data industry:


Opted-In Data


We supply you the Home Index data with opted in names and numbers for your telemarketing campaign. Not only that, but we run our files through telephone number verification processes regularly to maintain a high connectivity level with our data – maximising your sales potential. The sources of data used to create the Home Index file have been compliance checked and verified with many potential sources of data declined for its inclusion. We can provide opt-in requests upon request and usually within 2 working days.


Opted-in Data

Replacement Policy

Data can never be perfect, but if you feel that any of the data you’ve been supplied in your Home Index file is incorrect (for example if we supply you houses with solar that no longer have solar) or if the telephone numbers are dead, then we’ll either replace them 2 for 1 or refund you for the record(s).* We’re keen to see you purchase again.




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Download our datasheet to get a better idea on just some of the ways the Home Index file might be the next source of data you need for your campaign.


Why Us?

Money Saving Network not only delivers data, but also works with third party appending companies enabling us to cross reference data to produce the perfect demographic profile for your ideal target market. Our team have a great deal of experience in the consumer data and lead generation market and can advise and supply some of the best and most accurate data in the following markets: Claims, Finance, Lifestyle, Energy and more.


* Terms and conditions apply. Requests must be mad within 30 days of purchase. Minimum value of any refund must exceed £100 + vat. Minimum number of records to quality for the 2 for 1 replacement must be at least 500.