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Renta Agent

Money Saving Network operates a Rent an agent scheme from its UK based call centres. Our experience lead generation agents are available on a per seat basis. All telecoms, management, infrastructure and experienced agents are available for only £150 per day.

Be Open For Business 24 Hours a Day
Our out of hours service offers the best means of contacting potential customers as people are more likely to be available for call-back in the evening. This is the time when people are more likely and better able to talk and could therefore be more receptive to your offers. The connection rate for calls made during the day is around 45% whereas evening calls hit a connection rate of around 70%.

Another key benefit of our out of hours service is that it helps to extend your working hours and opening times. You may have no idea how many calls you are missing during these hours even if you offer voicemail. In fact, consumers are much more likely to appreciate a human voice on the end of the telephone than a machine. If you use our out of hours service in the evening and at weekends you could potentially increase your lead taking time by over 30%. The result is more leads, more conversions and a bigger profit margin for your business.
Hit Your Target audience
With telemarketing, you can contact a particular target audience. Concentrating on the people that will be interested in your business and products or services you have to offer.
Get Quick Response
At the point when conversing with a customer they give you quick feedback whether it’s positive or negative. Having the means to figure out a customer’s reaction, gives you idea of what works, what doesn’t work and what they like and don’t like.
The Personal Touch
Telemarketing provides customers with a physical response from a genuine person which allows for a connection to be made, developing a connection to make trust a between a business and their customer.
Offer over and over
Telemarketing allows you to generate immediate leads and also have the opportunity to come back to past customers and continuously work with them to offer new products or services. Having a customer that trusts the business and knows you and the services you give brings steady customers and increases the chance of referrals.
Direct Link
Telemarketing makes a direct link to your customers and gives an idea of the business and its products.
Telemarketing still continues as one of the best resources to any business. It builds awareness and promote through the digital outlets while connecting with clients and building strong relationships.